October 2011 Menu

First Speakeasy Drink Pairing:

Randa Duffy of Speakeasy’s rendition of a Lemon drop. The twist: Her homemade cardamom agave.

Burdock Three Ways:

Burdock lightly pickled with a Cocina Campesina garden pickling mix, burdock and sunchoke chips sprinkled with ground green myrtle peppercorn and Pacific salt, and wokked burdock with a honey chile sauce.

Second Speakeasy Drink Pairing:

 A cherry pie shooter composed of white rum and Leopold Bros’ cherry.

Acorn Squash Soup:

Roasted acorn squash soup topped with roasted curried acorn squash seeds.

Third Speakeasy Drink Pairing:

An Argentian Malbec from Colores Del Sol

Braised Short-ribs and Whole Rabbits with Basmati Rice:

Choke cherry and hickory wood smoked whole rabbits braised with black currants and guajillo chiles. As well as braised short-ribs with black currants and dried roasted guajillo chiles with a side of basmati rice seasoned with saffron and nutmeg.

Dessert “Caprese”:

Jasmine infused agar agar topped with dehydrated golden raspberries, crystallized Thai Basil, Berry Patch strawberry powder, Japanese Golden Pear and German Striped Tomato powder. 

Pour Over Anyetsu Coffee:

Single origin coffee from Wellega, Ethiopia roasted by Novo Coffee presented by Noah Price of Crema Coffee House.

Ingredients sourced from:

Berry Patch Farms, Cocina Campesina’s Garden, Coke Farm, Full Circle Farms, Grant Family FarmsHardpan Horticulture, High Plains Food Coop, Leopold Bros, Novo Coffee, Prairie House Herbs, Savory Spice Shop, and Simminger Variety Farm.


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