No Rioting Chillis

Recap of the October 21, 2011 dinner:

I suppose how the launch would go played in my mind to a point of obsession. Nightmares of chilli peppers rioting the dining tables and burnt pots of rice plagued me the week preceding the October dinner. Much to my relief, the meal was free of miscreant vegetables and the foul smell of charred basmati. In comparison, the evening went magically. Ninety-six plates of food were consumed with over seventy drink pairings and finished with twenty-three cups of pour-over elixir. The conversations at the table (via word-of-mouth) were engaging and connections were forged. Like stone soup, everyone played a role in creating something delicious. Many thanks to Elyria-Swansea’s GrowHaus, the farmers, the food team, and the diners for letting a dishwasher start this endeavor. My experience was in short, an honor and a delight to have served. My excitement for the next meal is barely containable. I do hope you dine with Cocina Campesina soon, it is sure to be memorable.

Some serious foodies from the dinner.

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