November 2011 Menu

First Speakeasy Drink Pairing:

Blackberry liquor hot toddy.

Sweet Action Ice Cream Duo:

Brown butter sage ice cream with a fried sage garnish.
Plum and black and white peppercorn ice cream with a pickled ginger garnish.

Shredded Roasted Root Salad:

Purple potatoes, parsnips, sunchokes, and carnival squash shredded and roasted with a pineapple sage brown butter sauce.

Second Speakeasy Drink Pairing:

 Naked, 2009 Riesling, Columbia Valley

Snoqualmie’s Naked wines are produced from 100% organically grown grapes from USDA-certified organic vineyards in the Columbia Valley American Viticultural Area.

Fall Pracas and tomato consommé:

Stuffed cabbage with basmati rice, sunchokes, dried cherries, filbert nuts, onion and a sweet sour tomato gravy. Nestled in a clear tomato broth.

Third Speakeasy Drink Pairing:

Randa Duffy of Speakeasy’s rendition of eggnog. The twist: A rum soy nog of course!

Dessert: “Meat Pie”

Braised lamb and goat tart topped with whip cream, crushed baynuts, fried garlic chips, and shallot caramel sauce

Ingredients sourced from:

 Cocina Campesina’s Garden,  Full Circle Farms, Grant Family FarmsHardpan Horticulture, High Plains Food Coop, Leopold Bros, Prairie House Herbs, Savory Spice Shop, Simminger Variety Farm, Snoqualmie Vineyards, Sweet Action Ice Cream, and Trout Gulch Farm.


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