Cocina Campesina: Closing the Food Culture Loop

Throughout the world and history, peasant food is host to some of the most delicious dishes. The true roots of sustainable food, it layers flavors of the the “castaway” cuts of animals and reinvigorates forgotten greens.

Cocina Campesina (“peasant kitchen” in Spanish) is a socially conscious “Pop-up Restaurant” that honors peasant food and remixes it for the South Platte watershed. Held once a month at different locations throughout Denver, it brings together lovers of food for an intimate, relaxed evening. Every Cocina Campesina event serves a multi-course meal of gourmet, bioregional cuisine prepared by locavore chef Rise Tren.

Besides delicious food, Cocina Campesina is also about connecting foodies with the food insecure: 70 percent of the proceeds from each evening’s event will be directed towards providing food sovereignty to the residents of Elyria-Swansea, a working-class “food desert” in Northeast Denver. Through the GrowHaus, a food justice non-profit in the neighborhood, residents control the money to purchase ingredients for a weekly donation-based farmstand for the community.


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