Elyria-Swansea: Our neighborhood ally

The Community

Elyria-Swansea is currently and historically a working class Denver neighborhood. It claims the unfortunate title of being a food desert AND to being the most polluted zip code in Colorado. Without access to fresh and healthy produce, many of its residents make the trek outside the neighborhood for groceries. The closest store doesn’t know the meaning of quality, but is well versed in overcharging cheap quantity.

“Elyria-Swansea being close to downtown, the Platte River, and the railroad made it an attractive site for warehouses and factories, and as a result the residences in the neighborhood eventually became surrounded by manufacturing and transportation infrastructure.

In the 1960s, the area began to shift to being predominantly Latino, which it remains today. At around the same time, the construction of I-70 placed a imposing barrier directly through the community, adding to the mounting pollution from sites such as the nearby Asarco smelter and water treatment plant.”

 From thegrowhaus.com


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