What is a Pop-Up Restaurant?

Pop-up restaurant :n:  A venue that is turned into a restaurant featuring a chef and culinary team that is normally not in that kitchen or venue for a limited period of time. In the case of Cocina Campesina; it is set in a “home-like” environment once a month, with a set menu and set capacity.

Why is the maximum capacity so small?

Cocina Campesina is capped at twenty-five people to help create an intimate environment. Having a smaller size is more conducive to have conversation with the person next to you enjoying the same flavor combination. It’s a promotion tool for COMMUNITY.

What is “Food Justice”?

“A movement that attempts to address hunger by addressing the underlining issues of racial and class disparity and the inequities in the food system that correlate to inequities to in economic and political power.”

– from Food Sovereignty Tours

Food Justice to Cocina Campesina is rooted somewhere between Food Sovereignty and Communal Food Access. For more information peruse through the site or come dine and pick the dishwasher’s thoughts in person.

How do I reserve a spot?

Click here and read under DINE.

What if I have dietary restrictions/allergies?

Please include that information in your reservation and Cocina Campesina will do its best to fit you into a dinner that jives with your needs. Because staff is small and time and resources are short, understand that a set menu really means a set menu. Please note that this means RESTRICTIONS NOT PREFERENCES. Example: Not liking the experience you’ve had in past consumption of mushrooms vs having medical reaction to consuming mushrooms

What is a teaser menu?

A teaser menu showcases a few ingredients used in each course, rather than describing the entire meal. This is also sometimes referred to as a “peek-a-boo” menu. Cocina Campesina uses teaser menus to give diners an idea of what they’ll be eating while preserving some of the suspense.

What can I expect if I were to dine?
Please leave your expectations at home.

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