How to be in allyship with Cocina Campesina

An ally is a member of the “dominant” or “majority” group who works against oppression through support of, and as an advocate, with or for, the oppressed population.

Here is how you can actively participate in Cocina Campesina:


Put your money where your mouth is and join us for a meal. Send your mailing address with the subject being: FOOD JUSTICE to and wait for a saliva inducing teaser menu to arrive with your postperson. Cocina Campesina has a guest capacity of ten to twenty-five diners, so patience will be a much rewarded virtue.


Do you fancy yourself an urban farmer, backyard beekeeper, microbrewer champion, or just have a ridiculous spice pantry? Donate some of that bounty to the Cocina Campesina storeroom and your delicious achievement and story could be showcased in a menu! Write an email to with the details of your ingredient(s) and time available to meet in-person with the chef. Please include FOOD JUSTICE PRODUCER in the subject line.


Have THE place to host twenty five hungry foodies in the bike-able Denver area? Up for the challenge of creating an atmosphere that compliments the food? Write an email to Please explain what food justice means to you and reasons why you would want to host Cocina Campesina. Please be sure to put FOOD JUSTICE HOSTING in the subject header. Access to a gas stove is preferred, but negotiable if there’s access to a roasting/smoking pit.


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