Let’s celebrate the Year of the Dragon together!

January 23, 2012: Year of the Dragon Feast

To start off the 2012 Lunar New Year this Cocina Campesina will be set in a slightly different format. The table will be communal and a free-for-all (family style) of bio-regional spins of traditional New Year’s fare*. The key word in all of this is probably: FEAST. So prepare your stomachs to start the Year of the Dragon with what this South Platte watershed has to offer!
*This is not a vegan event, though there will be some vegan options.
Take a peek at just a few of the ingredients that will be making an appearance in the meal:

Teaser List

January 2012

Acorn (Quercus alba)
Source: Foraged
Flavor profile: Like sunflower seeds, buttery, nutty, dense

Chicken Eggs (Gallus gallus domesticus)
Source: Cocina Campesina Garden
Flavor profile: Earthy, grassy, free roaming Denver yard

Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum)
Source: Waiting on source name
Flavor profile: Earthy, nutty, starchy

Saskatoon (Amelanchier alnifolia)
Source: Foraged
Flavor profile: sweet, bluberry-like, pleasant mouth feel

Spirits and Libations provided by:

Randa Duffy of The Speakeasy

Cash Bar& Drink Pairing Options available for the meal


Pre-Heat the Oven

Pre-Heat the Oven

This picture was taken from a website that has instructions on how to build a simple wood-fired cob oven

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… The people who give you their food give you their heart.”

-César Estrada Chávez

A shout out to the food obsessed: The first ever Denver Pop-Up restaurant for food justice is firing up its kitchen! Prepare your palate to be mesmerized, tantalized, and challenged. A peek-a-boo menu (Half the fun of eating is the unexpected, right?) is in the works of being sent to your mailbox. Only a few ingredients used will be revealed. Try a taste-bud game of clue to keep you occupied until the debut dinner!