Brighten your Spirits

Randa Duffy of The Speakeasy is a master mixologist by extension of a strong passion for food. Being rooted in cooking and baking ultraganic vegan cooking, she has the intense knowledge of putting flavor profiles in the spotlight. She specializes in hitting different parts of the tongue to accentuate the ingredients her liquid creations are rooted in. She achieved her start with humble beginnings and humor. By luck of a “free-box” she picked up a ridiculous William Sonoma bar guide book and plunged herself into a world of spirits. She combined her love of fresh local humane ingredients into her cocktails. Working her way up from friend tastings, private events, and now bar resident of The Handmade Homemade Marketplace. She is truly holistic with her ideology of drink essentials: knowing where it’s coming from and how it’s prepared.

The Speakeasy is full scale bar featuring organic and locally distilled spirits and liqueurs, and Colorado microbrews and homebrews, mixed with organic agave based sodas, homemade organic infused agave nectars, and other fresh, organic (and all vegan) ingredients.

I am honored to say that Randa Duffy will be in full charge of drink pairings for the launch meal. I hope this news brightens your spirits in a way that it has brightened mine.


Setting the timer

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My first experiences of becoming involved with food were very much like a slap-stick comedy version of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s (Lewis Carroll’s) Alice falling through the rabbit hole. A classic example: the first time I attempted to use flour was also the first time I made glue. A pot of boiling water and a couple of pours of a jar that shouldn’t have been in my reach and I had the fanciest paste in my sixth-grade class. I somehow made it through my young years virtually unharmed (albeit a couple burns). A few kitchen lessons I learned those very crucial and humbling years were:

  1. Don’t finish with raw spices
  2. Baking is far more precise than cooking
  3. I don’t have the temperament for baking
  4. When busy: set a timer! It’ll be your best friend, just don’t tell the copper mixing bowls that.

Using the last piece of advice, I encourage you to have your calendars ready for what is about to be shared.

I am pleased to announce the date of the first dinner:

October 21, 2011