Setting the timer

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My first experiences of becoming involved with food were very much like a slap-stick comedy version of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s (Lewis Carroll’s) Alice falling through the rabbit hole. A classic example: the first time I attempted to use flour was also the first time I made glue. A pot of boiling water and a couple of pours of a jar that shouldn’t have been in my reach and I had the fanciest paste in my sixth-grade class. I somehow made it through my young years virtually unharmed (albeit a couple burns). A few kitchen lessons I learned those very crucial and humbling years were:

  1. Don’t finish with raw spices
  2. Baking is far more precise than cooking
  3. I don’t have the temperament for baking
  4. When busy: set a timer! It’ll be your best friend, just don’t tell the copper mixing bowls that.

Using the last piece of advice, I encourage you to have your calendars ready for what is about to be shared.

I am pleased to announce the date of the first dinner:

October 21, 2011


Coffee in the Morning and Music in the Kitchen

The launch of Cocina Campesina is mirroring how I tend to start my day: dancing to some soulful sounds while anticipating my first cup of smooth caffeinated beverage. I proudly say that More Than This and Crema will get our first dinner off to a proper start, providing live music and coffee.


“When I think food justice, I think of giving justice to the food that you are preparing. We get these amazing ingredients, both local and internationly. Fresh produce, meat, & coffee. And it is our duty as preparers to not fuck it up.

A taste of crema

Crema is the lovely layer of thickly effervescent foam that defines well-crafted espresso, an emulsion of the essential oils contained in the coffee. This presence of a thick layer of richly aromatic, reddish brown crema indicates that all culinary factors were met satisfactorily during the preparation of the shot. Espresso is all in the nose. The aroma of espresso lives in the crema so swirl it around. Get your nose right down in there. Inhale deeply.”

-Noah Price, owner of Crema


Brandon Carter with Josh Taves.

More Than This

More Than This: This femme-tastic duo met while canvassing for the local rape crisis center back in autumn 2009. Combining sultry vocals with jazzy piano texture, they create a unique folk sound, with a twist of R&B and rock. More Than This is turned on by new wave, and loves to squeeze fresh juices from the 80’s, with a special inspirational love for Roxy Music. To these funky ladies, Food Justice means access to local, affordable, non-GMO produce and other healthy goodies for all, but especially for marginalized communities and peoples.

-Celeste Spink and April

Pre-Heat the Oven

Pre-Heat the Oven

This picture was taken from a website that has instructions on how to build a simple wood-fired cob oven

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… The people who give you their food give you their heart.”

-César Estrada Chávez

A shout out to the food obsessed: The first ever Denver Pop-Up restaurant for food justice is firing up its kitchen! Prepare your palate to be mesmerized, tantalized, and challenged. A peek-a-boo menu (Half the fun of eating is the unexpected, right?) is in the works of being sent to your mailbox. Only a few ingredients used will be revealed. Try a taste-bud game of clue to keep you occupied until the debut dinner!