Growing Up: Seed to Plate

Sometimes the best childhood memories we hold are the simplest: riding a bicycle for the first time, attempting to win the 6th grade spelling bee and placing second, or being rewarded with your favorite warmed drink after working hard on a snow day. There is a moment in every adult’s life where we look back and wonder how much more simple things were in our youth when one day could be filled with never-ending amazement.

As our lens on the world gets older, we can sometimes feel the urge to make things more complicated then they need to be. It is then we need to remind ourselves that sometimes the smallest changes can have the greatest effect.  In our current food system we see ammonia being added to our meat to achieve a “more appealing pink“, chemicals previously being used in bombs for World War II as fertilizers for our crops, and heritage breeds of pigs are being considered “invasive”. Should the days of naturally pink meat, food grown from healthy soil, and healthy animals die with our memories?

As Cocina Campesina works on a menu full of tender love and care to incite those delightful memories of childhood, we request that you ask yourself: “what would your childhood self think of our food system today?”