Setting the timer

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My first experiences of becoming involved with food were very much like a slap-stick comedy version of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s (Lewis Carroll’s) Alice falling through the rabbit hole. A classic example: the first time I attempted to use flour was also the first time I made glue. A pot of boiling water and a couple of pours of a jar that shouldn’t have been in my reach and I had the fanciest paste in my sixth-grade class. I somehow made it through my young years virtually unharmed (albeit a couple burns). A few kitchen lessons I learned those very crucial and humbling years were:

  1. Don’t finish with raw spices
  2. Baking is far more precise than cooking
  3. I don’t have the temperament for baking
  4. When busy: set a timer! It’ll be your best friend, just don’t tell the copper mixing bowls that.

Using the last piece of advice, I encourage you to have your calendars ready for what is about to be shared.

I am pleased to announce the date of the first dinner:

October 21, 2011